PVC Ceiling Panel
Terra Plastwood LLP

PVC Ceiling Panel

TERRA PLASTWOOD LLP PVC Ceiling Panel are used as wood cladding and offer protection from wind and weather. With their natural wood aesthetics, they are thus a eye-catcher and they bring flair and comfort to your outdoor areas.

We are offering our clients a finest quality range of Ceiling Panel. Offered panels are manufactured using optimum quality wood and other raw material with the help of advanced technology as per the market norms.

BENEFITS of the PVC Ceiling Panel are:
  • Form stability and durability in the outdoor area
  • Resistant to weather and temperature
  • Resistance to moisture (no rotting or infestation by moss, fungi or insects)
  • No painting required
  • Elegant, high-quality optics in attractive colour shares
  • Sustainable production without tropical wood content
  • 100% recyclable
Properties of the PVC Ceiling Panel:
  • Panel have male-female grove at both side for easy installation & hiding screws.
  • The main advantages of PVC Ceiling Panel are waterproof, fire-retardant, eco-friendly, mothproof and formaldehyde free etc.
  • Easy to apply as wall clading application.
  • PVC Ceiling Panel are avilable in vast range of designs like wooden figures, marble look, brick wall look & wall paper pattern.
  • Having long life and cheper product compare to color & wall paper application.

WHY USE PVC Ceiling panel.

Water Proof

PVC Ceiling panel are 100% waterproof.

Termite Proof

PVC Ceiling panel are 100% termite proof.

Fire Retardant

PVC Ceiling panel are fire retardant they never catch or spread fire.

UV Protection

PVC Ceiling panel are UV resistant no damage by UV rays.

Cost Effective

PVC Ceiling panel are ready to install product save carpenter time, paint/polish cost with fine finish.

Eco Friendly

PVC Ceiling panel are 100% environment friendly