Terra Plastwood LLP

WPC Door Frame

We are proud to introduce revolutionary WPC door frames that are being irresistible product for every builder because of it’s characterizes inclusive of excellent resistance to water, fire and termite which both are being a key concern when it comes to door frames.

WPC Frames are highly water resistant, splinter, rot like wood, or rust like metal door frames. If you live in High-humidity, high-moisture environments or have extreme weather exposure areas WPC frames will be much more beneficial for you.

Available dimensions of the WPC door frame are:
  • WPC Door Frame 3x2" Inch
  • WPC Door Frame 4x2" Inch
  • WPC Door Frame 4x2.5" Inch
  • WPC Door Frame 5x2.5" Inch
Properties of the WPC door frame:
  • Termite proof, fire retardant & UV resistance.
  • Surface is so smooth & finished that we do not need any paint or polish to enhance its look.
  • However if need we can do surface treatment like PU Polish, PU Matt, Paint, Laminate, Venner etc.
  • Due to the high density of wpc door frame, it is more durable than wood.
  • Due to its heavy screw holding capacity, WPC door frame is the most promissing products.


Water Proof

WPC Door Frames are 100% waterproof.

Termite Proof

WPC Door Frames are 100% termite proof.

Fire Retardant

WPC Door Frames are fire retardant they never catch or spread fire.

UV Protection

WPC Door Frames are UV resistant no damage by UV rays.

Cost Effective

WPC door frame are ready to install product save carpenter time, paint/polish cost with fine finish.

Eco Friendly

WPC door frame are 100% environment friendly